Shiba Inu Rug

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Cute Shiba Inu Rug

Translated from Japanese:

Jumping on the product may cause it to slip and cause injury.
Washing Precautions *Do not use a dryer. (Heat may cause deformation* and damage.)
*Do not use bleach.
*Please use household detergent and a laundry net when washing in a washing machine.
*At first, some fluff will appear, so please separate it from other items.
*Avoid twisting and wringing, and hang dry in the shade.
*To prevent damage, please fold the garment so that it is lower than the height of the laundry tub and wash it separately.
Handling and Washing
*If the mat is left on the floor for a long period of time, the backing agent or floor wax may cause the flooring material to yellow or stick to the mat, or the floor may become slippery. Please use the mat after occasionally shifting the place of use or wiping the floor surface with a neutral detergent.
*If the mat is left in a damp condition for a long period of time, it may become moldy.
*Do not pull or snag the pile (yarn). (If the pile (yarn) comes undone, please cut it with a cloth or scissors.)