Shiba Fabric Stickers - non-iron on fabric stickers!

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These Shiba irodo stickers are used for various fabric products!

A transfer sticker for cloth that can be pasted simply by pasting and pressing/rubbing the sticker.

No special tools or hot ironing required!!

From small children to the elderly

It is a new DIY item that you can easily enjoy making

Recommended for decoration of things like:

Pouch / bag / tote bag / lunch bag / eco bag / backpack / book cover / notebook cover / pen case / slippers / outdoor equipment (chairs, tents, etc.) / umbrella (excluding vinyl) / windbreaker / lamp shade / apron / Cold storage bag /mask



 Info below taken from Irodo FAQ


・ What kind of material can be attached?

irodo is a transfer sticker for cloth that is compatible with fabric materials such as cotton, linen, genuine leather, synthetic fibers, and synthetic fibers. * Although it can be attached to paper or plastic, it is easily scratched and may come off except for the fabric because it is a thin sticker.


・ Can I re-paste it?


It cannot be re-pasted after pasting. Immediately after use, it can be easily peeled off with adhesive tape, etc., so attach a new irodo afterwards.


・ Can it be peeled off?


irodo can be easily peeled off with a commercially available sticker peeling spray. * When using the sticker peeler, please be careful when using it as it may damage the fabric depending on the material. In addition, please note that we cannot take any responsibility.


・ Does it come off even after washing?


Please refrain from washing for a day after pasting. When washing, turn it over, put it in the laundry net, and wash it in a gentle mode for a long time. * Deterioration will gradually progress depending on washing and usage conditions. Please note that we are not responsible for any symptoms such as peeling or deterioration due to washing.