Welcome to the Stubborn Sakura Blog!

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Hello Everyone, I am Sakura's hoomom and the author of this blog, Natsuki.  It's very nice to meet you!

The reason for starting this blog, is we would like to share our life with our Shiba Inu, Sakura, and how much joy she brings to our life. Also, I hope that we can share some tips about living with a Shiba Inu in later posts in this blog.

How we found our girl, Sakura 

My Husband and I married in 2009 and after 2 years of marriage, we started thinking about adopting a dog.  

“But What kind??“

I wasn’t sure at the time, because we were living in a small 1 bedroom rental apartment and we hoped to have kids eventually. We wanted to have a dog that was middle size or smaller, didn't bark too much and was good with kids. 

My husband already had an idea to have Shiba Inu. I thought Shiba Inu was a good option. So, we started searching for breeders in B.C. In 2011, there were only a few breeders in B.C and to our dismay, we learned that there were 2 year waiting lists at most of them! 

We contacted one breeder named “Dukhan Kennels” in Chilliwack, B.C. 

There were 8 puppies on the website and they were all so adorable. At the time, all of the puppies had already found a forever home! So we were put on the waiting list.  However one day the owner, Karen emailed us stating that “Someone had cancelled on a cream Shiba puppy. They had decided to go on a camping trip for a month and they could no longer take the puppy anymore. Do you want to take her?“



We thought “It was meant to be!!“

We were so excited and so lucky to have her without any waiting time! How blessed we were to have this amazing opportunity!

A few days later, we decided on her name “Sakura” which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese. There are many Cherry Blossom trees in Vancouver, where we live as well as in Japan (of course) so we thought that was a great connection.  Also, my husband wanted to name her after the character Sakura, from the anime Naruto. (Geek!)

And with that, Karen put her name on her website and here is the picture! 

This picture was taken when she was 6 weeks old.


Isn’t she adorable? 

We looked at her picture many times over and over and we counted down the days until we could pick her up at 8 weeks old!


I will post the first day we meet her in the next post!